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Black Market Shop

Post by Izanami Kamiko Ogasawara on Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:40 pm

Here you are able to special order items and weapons with no restriction. You're even able to order specialized  Android parts from this shop. You may buy anything here that's sold in a normal store but at extra price. However, This is the ONLY place to buy Android Parts.

Android Parts:
Level Sensor-100 Credits
Weapon Mount 200 credits Per Mount
Absorption Module V1(Kai)-300 Credirts
Absorption Module V2(Knowledge)-400 Credits
Absorption Module V3(Abilities)-500 credits
Absorption Module V4(Power Level)-600 Credits
Zenkai Healing Module(Saiyan Healing)-10,000 Credits
Genetic Memory(Cell's Memory of powers and such)-5,000 Credits
Analytic Module V1(Basic Kai Type Techniques)(knocks 100 words off of training of that type)-200 Credits
Analytic Module V2(Beam Type Techniques)(knocks 100 words off of training of that type)- 300 Credits
Analytic Module V3(Blast Type Techniques)(knocks 100 words off of training of that type)- 400 credits
Analytic Module V4(All Type Techniques)(knocks 200 words off of training of All types)- 10,000 Credits
Regeneration Module v1(Advanced Human Regeneration level)limbs/non-vital organs by 15 posts-10,000 Credits
Regeneration Module v2(Saiyan Regeneration)limbs/non-vital organs by 10 posts-15,000 Credits
Regeneration Module v3(Slow Namekian Regeneration) Limbs/vital organs by 5 posts-20,000 Credits
Regeneration Module v4(Full Namekian Regeneration)Limbs/vital organs except brain by 1 posts-30,000 Credits
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