Transformations/Techniques Regulations

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Transformations/Techniques Regulations

Post by Izanami Kamiko Ogasawara on Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:57 am

Here we will discuss Transformations and Techniques. Since this is an AU(Alternate Universe) None of the canon moves have been created yet. So, no one has any signature moves just yet. We'll discuss the creation template soon. First, lets talk about Transformations.


Saiyan and Half Saiyan:
Arguably, the most common transformation is the Super Saiyan Transformation. First to note is the fact that, Super Saiyan is a gift from the heavens. IT can be trained, but at great costs. Lets delve deeper in to this subject.

Great Ape Auto Gained(+5% your power level)

Giji Super Saiyan 1.5m (+73.5m)

Super Saiyan 3 Million.(+147m pl)

Next is Half Saiyans.
These guys are a bit different.
They gain 3 transformations.

First is Giji Saiyan 500 (+73.7 hundred pl)

Next is Super Saiyan. But of course this is a dumbed down version, so this is only a partial point. And as such, one million.(+147 hundred Thousand)

Last is Ascended Super saiyan 3 Million required power.(+147m pl)

In this, Earthlings/Animals gain transformations just like Saiyans. They are exactly like saiyans as well. Except, they don't get anything like Giji.

Super Human 1 Trained for at 3 Million. (+147m)

There are two paths to go with Changeling. You can opt for quick trans or slow trans. Lets go over both.

Quick Transformation:
Base Form: 150,000,000
Final Form:+320,000,000

Slow Transformation:
Base Form: 20,000
Form 1 Full power:+470,000
Form 2 Full power:+550,000
Form 3 Full power:+630,000
Final Form Full Power:+710,000

Base Form:500,000
Super Namek:+500,000

Assorted Transformations:
Kaio-Ken adds the Multiple of the Kaio-Ken to your power level. I.E. Kaio-Ken times 10 is 10 times your power level.

Assorted Learn-able Abilities:
Power Down/Power Up:
This is not a normal skill EVERYONE knows and is in fact a secret technique. Anyone can learn it, but not every knows of it.

Kai Sensing:
Those not of Android Descent can learn this to feel others power levels and signatures. Though this does not work against an android, it's quite useful for the rest of the universe. Being able to sense Kai is, something of a gift. Use it well. Not everyone can sense Kai, that's why there's Scouters!

Custom Techniques/Abilities:
Refer to the Techniques template in the creation. You can create as many techniques that you would like. These can range from a Kamehameha variant to a Variant of a large Laser from the Laser collection. (ha) But Abilities are different. Each race has a set amount of abilities to start. From there, you can buy more ability slots as well as trade in the base slot for a base ability of your own creation. So lets get these Abilities under way.

Androids can not be sensed by Kai Sense. Nor can their power level be properly determined by a Scouter.

Changeling (Frieza's race)
These people are usually brash. But they have the innate ability to have NPCs fight for/with them. They have a total of ten NPCs that they can have at one time. Their power levels vary but are never as high as the Changeling's power.

Humans have the uncanny ability to have super Endurance. They will last a LOT longer then normal.

Shinjin can use Mental Abilities. Things such as Teleknesis and Telepathy is easy for these creatures. They auto start with these techs, and forgo all restrictions as long as they remain a Kai.

Namekians can regrow their limbs in a single post. They can regrow any part of their body as long as the brain is still alive and connected.

Saiyans will gain half of their current Power Level if they nearly die in a fight. This doesn't mean you can go fight a friend and have them almsot kill you in one blow. This means, you must be so badly beaten and low on health that you nearly die. IF you can escape, or be saved, you will gain your power. STaff must approve this.

Tuffle have the ability to meld with any living organism that is solely an ally. If they turn rouge, they may, with deception, try and convince someone to allow them to enter their body. They will be melded and during the time they are, their power levels will be added together and shared. If the host dies, the tuffle will die, if they do not escape the body before death.

Animal Race:
The Animal Race is highly durable. But their main stake is that they are extremely versatile. They are perhaps, the most versatile race in existence.
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