Izanami Kamiko Ogasawara Character Application

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Izanami Kamiko Ogasawara Character Application

Post by Izanami Kamiko Ogasawara on Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:05 pm

Character Application
Izanami Kamiko Ogasawara

Princess Ogasawara

Visual Age:

August, 7th



Personality Information:

Iza considers herself quite sane and strong. However, she also considers herself the rightful Queen of the Saiyan Race. That being said, when her brother took the throne as well as Married she was infuriated. With an inborn vengeance towards her brother she developed an interesting set of personality issues.

Izanami is quite the gentle individual in most public places. Though she is highly cunning, deceptive, and quite sadistic, masochistic, and utterly a dominating figure. For most places she enjoys using a sharp silver forked tongue to receive the upper hand at any one time. Being as cunning as she is, she knows enough to keep her true nature hidden to all. There are extremely few who have seen her true self. To this day none of them have lived to spread the word.

Her inborn vengeance has lead her to strive to become much stronger than her brother. Because of this, she'll take all sorts of roads and will stop at nothing to accomplish what she sets her mind to. Things she deems not necessary to her goal she ignores. Once they pose a threat she'll dispatch them with as little force as necessary. Most times she never comes to or rather needs to use the full extent of her massive intellect nor power. Being as awkwardly intelligent as she is her viewpoints on the world are rather narrow minded. This is to say that she tends to see everyone as useless or rather all races not Saiyan are just to be ignored. Once a threat appears she will assess the threat to her goals specifically. If they happen to interfere then she will use only the minimum needed force. Of course if the problem becomes enough she will stop at nothing to destroy it. This includes but is not limited to obliterating innocent lives to accomplish demolition of the issue at hand.

Her brother
An interesting combination of different foods

Self Proclaimed gods
All races that aren't saiyan mostly

Planning the downfall of her brother
Becoming stronger then her brother
Punishing insolence
Favorite Food:

Favorite Music
Death Metal

Forte in Sports:

Special Skill:
Iza is great at learning things. So much in fact that she learns things almost ten times faster than other people.

Aura Information:
Though she's not the strongest her Aura is simply imposing. Her Aura imposes a demonic feel. With this it means that those that see her aura are innately disgruntled. Depending on the level of power depends on how much emotion is stirred. The larger the difference in her favor the more demonic and dominating her aura feels.

Aura Color:
demon black with flickers of blood red
Appearance Information:


Iza stands a full height of six foot six. Her hair goes directly to the top of her buttox flowing like gentle crimson water. With an average tight build she looks quite skinny to most. Her skin is fair yet hinted white. Her eyes are a piercing demonic like yellow that seems almost otherworldly. Though being a full fledged woman, she's miraculously small chest. So much so she's nearly flat. With almost every outfit she loves to wear these quite awkward looking glasses. Though they do not have any real lenses in them she enjoys using them for posterity purposes. These glasses are square in shape being held to her body by a lengthy silver chain around her neck.


For special occasions Iza wears a full length dark red strapless dress. This dress is adorned with frills coupled by red linen dressings tied to bows. Apart of this outfit she bears dress gloves coupled with high heels which are augmented by skin tight beautiful dark red stockings.




For average clothes Iza wears an old earth styled set of clothing. This clothing consists of her usual glasses, a black vest atop her linen dress shirt with a striped white and red bowtie. Upon her hands she bears tight black leather gloves which reach to her wrist. Her bottom wear consists of black dress pants coupled by dress shoe inspired boots. Above all of this she wears a long red trenchcoat that reaches down to just above the soul of her dress shoe-boots.


As casual wear she loves to dress in total red. With this she wears a silk shirt which is designed a special way. This is to say that the top of the shirt reaches around her body just above her breasts. The shirt is held to her body by a strap which wraps around the back of her neck. For her pants she wears tight red jeans etched with a black skull and cross bones on her left leg/buttock. Her pants are adorned with a red belt which reads "Death" in a pattern around it. Lastly she bears red combat boots as her favored casual footwear.

six foot six

one hundred twenty

Blood Type:

You naughty naughty reader you...

Iza was born in the Galactic Standard Year of 0001.8. Izanami and her brother Izanagi were born as twins. It was this fate that would later render them inescapably intertwined in destiny. At an early age both Izanami and Izanagi were gifted with the use of Ki. In fact they were the first of their race to gain the ability to use Ki. If this wasn't enough they were also the first to gain this ability. It was Izanami who started a game with Izanagi known as "catch" to humans. However it was extremely different on planet Vegeta. Instead, they were  using balls of volatile Ki to toss around.

This started their 'training' as it were to use their powers. There was no formal system of education as of yet. That being said, Izanami was given the best education possible at the time. For years she'd bear witness to the massacre of the unevolved upon the evolved. Izanami coupled with Izanagi rose up to defend their home from the unevolved beasts that plagued the planet. These beasts were unevolved Saiyans which were still apes the size of mountains. After securing their home and continuing to do so for several years Izanami gathered her knowledge to think of a solution to the problem.

After several months of deliberation she reached the conclusion that imposed civilization was the only way to secure the planet. With that in mind, the two children devices a way to disable these beasts. It was later discovered that cutting off their tails would revert them to human form. In the year 018.7 both Izanami and Izanagi began their one year purge. Those who felt the will to fight took up arms with the two.  By 019.7, exactly one year later, all of the raging apes had been forcibly evolved to human form. Little did they know that it was actually devolving them.

Beginning in 020.1 Izanami began to shape planet Vegeta in the paradise she wished for. All the while she moved to create a great city to be named the capital of Vegeta Izanagi gathered people to hear his words of how fighting each other and the unevolved were useless quests. Before she saw the world come to fruition, Izanagi had a child which she to this day keeps a secret from all Including the father, or so she thinks. This child was carted off to parts unknown never to be heard or seen from Izanagi again. The year now at 027.4 the first universal government of Vegeta was established thus gathering all of the Saiyans in to one whole civilization. Before now, the Saiyans were the technologically advanced war mongers who simply waged war with themselves.

From 27.4 to 28.1 Izanagi had created the first Saiyan Empire. However, to her disappointment and fury her brother Izanagi took the throne from her. Under his rule the Empire managed to seize control of the other two inhabitable planets making them colonies as well. To this day, Izanagi remains in power however soon he may be disbanded. He married just a few months ago where he and Izanami both had relations. Soon after Izanami started to secretly raise her son who will take the throne from Izanagi.

Fighting Style:
Self created MMA starting with feet, then hands, then weapons, then powers.
Izanami Kamiko Ogasawara

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Re: Izanami Kamiko Ogasawara Character Application

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