Tokiwa [Done]

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Tokiwa [Done]

Post by Tokiwa on Sat Jan 24, 2015 4:45 am

Character Application

The red haired berserker

Visual Age:
june 17th
Planet Vegeta
Personality Information:


tokiwa being raised on a non-Saiyan she was raised that many of her impulses are wrong, however still  some of these things still shine though.  she prefers actions over words and tends to hate those that try to talk themselves out of things. she often formally challenges  people she dislikes however, even if the people around her often find this unladylike like of her.  she often held back due to her seemly unnatural strength for the people of the planet, however didn't stop herself from beating the pulp out of anyone that angered her.

those that have been able to match her know of another thing she holds secert, due to her holding back her saiyan instincts to fight, the love of battle, the want of battle, can often overwhelm her, and set her off in a state bunch like a berserker, often taking alot to calm her down out of her maddness.


people trying to protect her honor
people that talk to much
people that try to tell her what to do

Favorite Food:
Favorite Music
classical (mostly due to her not having heard much else)

Forte in Sports:
sword fighting
Special Skill:
while in berserker  state, due to her mind no longer focusing on words and more on the battle causing it to become much harder to convince her to do anyhting
Aura Information:
Tokiwa's aura is often compared to a fire, flowing wildly around her, not only that but her aura also tends to produce a much more heat then others.

Aura Color:
a mix of red's oranges and yellows
Appearance Information:



Blood Type:
its a secret to everybody
Tokiwa grew up in royalty on a planet far away from her Saiyan home planet,   while a simple and peaceful lifestyle  never having to deal with much other then having to deal what dress to wear. however that all changed after a uprising, after storming the castle and taking her hostage they tryed to use her to take over the kingdom. while many would be scared, Tokiwa was just bored with the whole thing.  when finaly it seemed some deal was to be made, tokiwa declared she was bored with this game, and proceeded to take out each and every one of the rebels.   from then on people were afraid of her.

the only person that never seemed to be afraid of her was her personal maid, she never seemed to mind her love of battle or her strange power.  the king declared this power a secret, and only those in the castle that day know. he tryed to keep her on a tighter lease however it did not help much. the only thing that kept her from killing people at type was her maid. and while the true amount of her power was kept a secret, it didn't stay all secret.   due to her challenging anyone that angered her, and beating them.

Tokiwa slowly became aware of something was wrong,  she knew something wasn't right. they had these strange markings on there faces, and for a while her maid told her they would apear when she was older, she felt now they would never do so. then there was this strange power she held, she was stronger then most people on the planet.  and it was her drive to figure out what she was.

Fighting Style:
due to her being raised in a culture that still heavily uses swords, she tends to prefer them over fists.
Rp Sample
(got bored wrote this)

Tokiwa stood on her throne below her so called mother and father.  what a bore having to sit though all this stupid things, hearing out the peoples problems, well she didn't care about there problems.  she looked over to see her father speaking to some man, she blocked out the talking, something about a water problem, something about the wells she didn't rightfully care why didn't they just fix it themselves. her father said something then sent the man off, another bore.  then in walked another man, wearing what appeared to be full plate armor, he walked up and kneeled before the thrones, the light coming from a nearby window shining off his armor, 'oh god one of these, a wannabe knight or hero that thinks hes owed something.'  tokiwa would think and look away again. she heard talking but she blocked it out once again.  It wasn't intill she heard her name till she turned, "your asking for what?" tokiwa's father would say a almost worried look, "I'm asking for princesses tokiwa's hand in marriage my king."   he would say kneeling down. a scowl crossed tokiwas face, 'oh he was one of those.' she growled,  as her father was about to say something tokiwa would stand up causing him to stop.  she would start walking foreword, "Daughter I--" the king would be cut off as tokiwa looked back at him with a glare, silencing him, she would look over at the knight, " so you want my hand do you."  she would continue to step instill see was a few feet away from him.  "I will agree, on one term." she would say looking down, " and what would that be my princess?" he would say looking up,  she would slowly bring her head to his ear, "endure....." she would say, the knight having a confused look on his face.

confusing would be replaced with pain,  as tokiwa brought her hand down slamming him into the stone ground causing cracks to form, "you think, you can just own me, you?!" she would yell picking him up throwing him down the hall, "your nothing by a weakling to me." she would start walking to him, the knight slowly trying to raise himself, only to be kicked down to the ground by tokiwa, "im more then just some princess!" she would say slowly crushing the mans crest armor, making it harder and harder for him to breath. "now when I get back I better not even think your still here." she would say glaring down at him, the man gasping trying to breath but being unable to,  he would nod. tokiwa would lower her hand and rip the mans armor off allowing him to breath before walking out of the castle, everyone around her only showing shock on there faces.

she wandered out to the middle of the forest angry  she flew into a fit, hitting and punching whatever was nearby " everyone here is so weak and useless!" she screamed as she did so, her hand flared up unleashing a wave of energy ripping apart a nearby tree, she would stop and stare at the damage before looking down at her hand, it still sparking from the blast. "magic?" she would mutter before she would start laughing, unleashing more and more blasting all around her.

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Re: Tokiwa [Done]

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