butterfly and rainbows!

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butterfly and rainbows!

Post by Irsis on Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:17 pm

Irsis slowly awoke to find herself handing upside down, on part of a crashed ship, she blinked a few times before letting out a yawn, slowly sliding down the metal intill she found herself resting on the ground. she would stare up blankly at the sky before rolling around in circles on the ground, before standing up. she would start to flex her body and looking around. she would start walking foreword heading out deeper into the woods.

clearly the crash had bin a while ago, she could see pieces of the ship overgrown with vines and covered in dirt. she couldn't quite tell how long ago however. she kept walking intill she saw a waterfall off in the distance, as she got closer she stood there and stared noticing the rainbows it was causing from the water vapor, she smiled, not knowing what they were she tried to reach out and grab them to no avail.

she soon found herself done with the strange air colors and wandered off, only to find herself surrounded by a field of rainbow ground colors instead, she smiled as she ran into the field looking at all the colors. then she stared as small little things were flying around landing on the flowers, she stood still as long would land on her finger and he would stare and watch it confused on what it was.


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