((WIP Training for Techniques))

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((WIP Training for Techniques))

Post by Izanami Kamiko Ogasawara on Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:17 pm

Iza landed with a large thud as a yellow bolt struck her mid air. After rubbing her head, she allowed her body to stand to her full height while staring out towards the only possible place that bolt could have come from. Stretching slightly, her eyes seemed to pierce the foliage as suddenly ten more yellow bolts appeared from behind them. One after another aimed directly for Iza's head seemed to barrel out of nowhere. Closing her eyes, she allowed her body to dodge each bolt as if it was nothing but simple compressed air. The blasts struck the ground causing small Artillery sized holes. As the last bolt passed her face a second volley of bolts appeared. It seemed who or what ever was behind those bushes wished to destroy or kill Iza. She started dodging the blasts only to find it was more difficult now. For some reason it appeared that the bolts were moving twice as fast!
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