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Zeni System

Post by Izanami Kamiko Ogasawara on Fri Apr 12, 2013 4:41 pm

To gain Zeni, you can do many different things. Lets go over these different and awesome things now!


Posting is the EAsiest way to gain Zeni. Every topic made in the Rp Forms, and every post gives you a number of Zeni Just for rping! AWESOME RIGHT!?!?!?

Missions/Odd Jobs:

That's right, you can set up Odd Jobs! Maybe doing an Errand for someone or an NPC! You can get paid for doing almost anything!

That's right! ALL NEW! you can make a living by opening a shop or School! For now, This will be limited to how many people we have. So for now, Admins will approve Shop Creations.

Last but not least, you COULD kill people. But only in Mug-able places! So you could march all the way down to say, Namek, and mug someone in the open world! You don't need to kill people, but people CAN die!

Last but not least, inside the Update area you'll be able to put Zeni in the bank! This Zeni can NOT be touched by ANYONE unless YOU with draw it. If your character dies, it goes to their next of Kin(your next character.) So be sure to visit the Intergalactic Bank Often!
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