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Power Level System

Post by Izanami Kamiko Ogasawara on Sat Apr 13, 2013 3:02 am

The power level system is simple. We have a lowest and Max power levels. And you Gain power by training! Each word in a training post is worth 50 Power level. So, you can easily gain power levels fast!

Being as Androids are unable to properly enter the realm of the dead, they are gifted with an ability of their own. When an Android attains absorption modules, they're able to add 25 power level points per successfully absorbed attack. Now, training as well as Absorption have limits.

Now, lets set the boundaries.

Power Levels:

120m - Max power.

100 - Minimum Power.

Power Level Gains:

Training limit:

75,000 PL per week

Escrow Limit:
37,500 PL as Escrow Cap(for now)

Absorption Limit:
18,750 PL as Absorption Limit

So as this, lets set up the Tiers!

Legendary Fighter(70M-120M):

**This Tier is the highest possible power. Everyone in creation has heard some form of legend about your power, and it's hardly exaggerated At this state, you boarder the realm if Infinite power. That fears some people, spires others, And infuriates your enemies. You are nothing but a Fairy Tale to those of your alignment, and a nightmare to those of your Opposites.**

Vetran Fighter(30M-70M):

**This Tier you are a highly skilled fighter. Your name carries weight in the same System as your home, where as outside it only Legends span as far as the sector. But your name carries no weight outside of the sector.**

Above Average Fighter(1m-30M):

**This Tier, you are not much better then an Average Tournament fighter. Your name carries little weight in your system beyond legends. Aside from that, your name carries little weight in your home world, however, your village or city knows you well.**

Average Fighter(101k-1M):

**This Tier you are nothing more then Average. Your name carries no weight nor legends. You are just an Average fighter skilled in arts misunderstood by most lower life forms. Only your friends know your power.**

Below Average Fighter(100-100k):

**This Tier you are nothing more then an Intergalactic Thug. You have no real power to your name, nor are you believed strong by most people. Only Hobos and Hustlers find you interested. Even Average fighters scoff in your direction.**

As a side note: Your power level will be affected by other things! Such as, Your power level will be affected by the Power up/Power down skill! You must TRAIN for this skill as it's not a natural ability! And also! You'll be affected by Weighted training gear. A full set of weighted training gear will dock your power level by a total of 30% and a single Weighted piece will lower you by 25%!
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